With Vuetec Live Casino Roulette Rules, the layout of the Roulette window consists of a few main features. The most obvious and most important is the layout of the table.  The table positions are the same and bets may be made in the same way. If you are unsure of the name of the position, just place your mouse over any position and a pop-up message containing information about that position will appear.

On the left side of the video feed window there is a box displaying the last ten results. These are the last ten results that have occurred on this roulette table with the order of most recent down to the oldest at the bottom. Just underneath the last ten results are two labels. The top label in white shows the name of the operator in the video feed, the second label in Orange is the number of the current open game. In the Fastest live casino games, each game has a unique number which increments as each new game starts. The current open game is the game your bets will be placed on when you lock them in.


Vuetec Live Casino Roulette

With the Vuetec Casino Roulette Rules, there are three labels at the top-left of the game (Next to the Live Video). From left to right they are: “Credits” – the amount of credits you currently have in your account, “Last Win” -if you won on the last game the total amount you won will be displayed here, and “Bet” – the amount in chips you currently have on the table.

Number & Neighbours

This button is located beneath the chips on both the Live and Auto Roulette games; when this button is pressed a popup will appear with a new group of betting groups, these groups are ordered according to their close position to each other on the Roulette Wheel.

With Vuetec Live Casino playtech Roulette Rules, when using the Number & Neighbours view you can hover the mouse over any number or combination, when you place your mouse over a place you will see the “main” table number light up; this is indicating that if you make a bet, chips will be placed on the highlighted areas.