Microgaming offers two versions of Roulette:

  1. Live Roulette
  2. Live Multi-Player Roulette

The difference between the two is nothing more than being seated alone and being seated with others at the wheel.

Live Roulette and Live Baccarat are both very popular places to be at Microgaming but Multi-Player Roulette is the most popular of all, more popular than being seated alone at the other Microgaming Roulette. It is popular because of all the action. People come alive next to other enthusiasts. I do! You will be surrounded with people at the tables, placing bets in anticipation of guessing what the future will bring. Wagers are placed in full view of all players seated. The tables hold 7 seats in Multi-Player strategy for winning. Once seated, you have your position guaranteed. You do not necessarily need to place a bet on every spin, however if you do not place a bet within 10 spins… your out. You can imagine all the different colored chips with a full table of players. At times it looks like a loaded wheel barrel full of…  colored candy.

One Mentionable to take note of is the ease of coming to the table. After choosing Multi-Player Roulette, you will have displayed before you all tables in play. Each Table has a bet limit displayed and some will have more players seated. Normally there are 3 different levels of limits. You can choose your seat at the same time you choose the table. Click on an empty seat with your choice of the limits and the chosen table will open. In Multiple-Player Live Roulette, the more players at your table the more fun you will have watching others place bets. In Blackjack a crowded table will slow down the game but not in Roulette. Joining with others is what live is all about.

Microgaming Software Platform REVIEW

 Microgaming Live Software Platform has broken out of their RNG slot gaming mode into Live Interaction with their players. The biggest Slot Site in the world has joined them… All Slots Live Casino

Best Casino | Microgaming Live Game System

  AllSlots came a Live to everyone’s surprise. The first deposit money gets a 100% to 200$ bonus. What is surprising is the deposit has no play-through requirement! You need to experience things that rare to feel Live.