Playtech Software Live Roulette stacks up tall when placed beside other platforms. Roulette is the most played live GoWild Live Casino on the net and Playtech’s vast experience in online software has come up with one of the finest live gaming solutions on the market. The roulette tables are four in number:

  1. Live Roulette
  2. Live French Roulette
  3. Live VIP Roulette
  4. SlingShot Roulette.

The first and standard version listed above is “Live Roulette”. This is the most played version at Playtech. The difference in the versions are easy to understand.

Live Roulette

Live Roulette goes without much explanation except to know it is the single zero European version.  This gives us a better house edge of  2.7 % vs. 5.26% compared to the double zero American Wheel. There are no live roulette games on the net with the American double 0 version… so not to worry. You can  pick-up the Playtech official Live European Roulette Rules right here. Give them a good going over if you feel you need to.

French Roulette

Live French Roulette is the same as the European  live roulette but with two basic differences. French Roulette always carries with it The La Partage Rule This rule goes into effect  when a player places an even bet ( Red/Black, Even/odd etc.) and the ball lands on ZERO, the player only looses half his wager. The Partage Rule lowers the house edge by one half. Leave it to the french. We have the French Rules for Playtech Review. Give them a look if you have the time.